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CanadaGoldBuyers.Net is the country’s highest paying and most trusted precious metals dealer. We pay more cash for your gold bullion and coins. We are pleased to offer the top market price for gold bullion, Gold Eagles, Maple Leafs, Krugerrands, Sovereigns and other rare or common gold coins.If another gold buyer offers you more money for your items, we’ll beat their quote with our 100% Best Price Guarantee.

Why is gold so valuable?

The simple answer is: Scarcity. According to investor , if all of the gold known to exist in the world was melted together, it would fit into a 20 meter wide cube. Most gold however, isn’t pure. It’s melted and alloyed together with other precious metals to make it harder, more durable, and less costly. Precious metals are also added to change the colour. For example rose gold is mixed with silver and copper.

How much is my gold worth?

Check today’s gold prices to get an idea of what your gold is worth. Gold prices on our website are updated daily. Just keep in mind that gold items such as coins, jewelry, watches and dental gold are rarely made of pure gold. Most of their value comes from the precious metal content.The best way to tell how much your gold is worth is to bring it in to a Canada Gold Buyer’s near you. We use professional testing equipment to test the precious metal content of your items right in front of you. Our gold buyer will give you an honest opinion and provide you with an obligation-free offer on the spot.We know your items may hold sentimental value, so there is never any pressure to sell. However with today’s gold prices, your gold bullion and coins could be worth significantly more than you paid for them. It’s never a bad idea to know what your gold is worth!Find your nearest Canada Gold Buyers location or learn more about our gold buying process


Prices updated as of 02/15/2018 12:00 PM EST. Prices are subject to change with the market price of gold, silver, and platinum.

Minimum Price by Karat or Purity Payout
Gold Maple Leaf Coin 9999 $1,672.36/coin
24kt (99.9% pure gold) $43.54/g
22kt (91.6% pure gold) $39.01/g
Gold Nuggets/Placer Gold $32.26/g
18kt (75.0% pure gold) $32.55/g
Yellow Dental Gold $23.84/g
White Dental Gold $9.14/g
14kt (58.5% pure gold) $24.49/g
10kt (41.7% pure gold) $17.23/g
Silver Maple Leaf Coin $21.05/coin
Sterling Silver Flatware $0.44/g
Sterling Silver Jewellery $0.41/g